Customer references

Since its founding in 2002, we have been working for companies and projects of all sizes. We have acquired industry and market know-how in the following areas - a selection:

Aikido Foundation Germany · martial arts · Hamburg
Alnatura · production and trade · Bickenbach
Apotheke am Riegerplatz · pharmaceutical retail · Darmstadt
Barbara Meszaros · opera singer · Switzerland
BGU · geotechnics and environment · Darmstadt
Brey Concept · event Agency · Darmstadt
Campingplatz Büttelwoog · Hotel and restaurant services · Dahn
CDs am Goethehaus · retail trade · Frankfurt
Coaching Jörg Westphal · Coaching · Hamburg
Diakonisches Werk · Welfare Association · Rüsselsheim
Didici Text · copywriters · Frankfurt
Gesellschaft Hessischer Literaturfreunde · association · Darmstadt
Gundula Schneidewind · Art and Art Therapy · Roßdorf
Helios Hotels & Resorts · Hotel · Athens
HSE Medianet · telecommunications · Darmstadt
IMC Passivhaus · House Construction & Real Estate · Groß-Bieberau
Irene Roth · Psychotherapy & Coaching · Frankfurt
Joe Mahone · Musician · New York City
Johannes Fischer · Musician · Hamburg
Karch Consulting · Tax & Finance Service · Hamm
Pro Harminia Mundi · Foundation · Switzerland
Susanne Wienand · Physiotherapy for dogs · Frankfurt
Vitalis Kubach · Jewelry design · Wiesbaden
Wendt Auktion · Auction house · Darmstadt
World Music Café · World music label · Mannheim
X-Verleih · film production · Berlin
Cyprus Dream Villas · tourism · Gründau

Quotes from clients

And then suddenly, in the middle of the close cooperation work process, there is such a sentence:

"... but what is required to make you feel good TODAY?"
Jörg Westphal, coach, Hamburg
"Where there is energy there goes more energy. It's like a magnet: it pulls everything."
Jörg Westphal, coach, Hamburg
About today's dealing with patients in hospitals: "It is no longer about people but about managing the disease."
Dr. Andreas Schuster, doctor for internal medicine and diabetologist, Bensheim
"Fantasy is the only paradise from which we can not be driven out."
Lothar Krell, composer and music producer, Frankfurt
"In New York, the rain is always horizontal."
Johannes Fischer, drummer, Hamburg
"The biorhythm is the only rhythm you can not control."
Johannes Fischer, drummer, Hamburg
„You can not do something fitting before you havn't inhaled."
Barbara Meszaros, opera singer, Winterthur
About the Google world: "What the majority clicks is the truth."
Jörg Westphal, coach, Hamburg
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